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Top 10 Cheap used Cars in Dubai

Top 10 Cheap used Cars in Dubai: All you Need To Know
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With its thriving economy and extensive influence in the automotive sector, Dubai is the perfect place for those seeking a combination of affordability and outstanding quality in the car market. Considering this, there is certainly no question that your quest to find the cheapest car in Dubai will be a successful.

In this article, we will present our selection of the Top 10 affordable, used cars available in The Golden City. Additionally, we will provide valuable advice to assist you in discovering the most cost-effective, highest-quality car in Dubai; along with addressing some of your most urgent inquiries.

Buy Your Dream Car With These Cheapest Cars in the Dubai

When aiming to acquire your dream car in Dubai at a fair cost; it's crucial to engage in the process with thoughtful deliberation and strategic preparation. Given the diverse range of options in Dubai's thriving automotive sector, a methodical approach is crucial to securing a high-value purchase. By understanding the market, using negotiation strategies, and exploring different acquisition channels, you can purchase your dream car while staying within your financial boundaries.

Furthermore, gaining a deep understanding of the distinctive attributes of the car you desire can greatly strengthen your ability to negotiate. By conducting a thorough research on the model and market value of your dream car, you can confidently take part of conversations with sellers and dealers; ultimately guaranteeing a beneficial transaction. As well as ensuring the quest to find the cheapest car in Dubai turns significantly easier.

Additionally, investigating both certified used selections and private sales can offer valuable perspectives on the diverse options accessible; ultimately enabling you to make a well-informed choice that suits your budget and personal preferences.

Buy Used Car under 12000 AED

In the UAE, numerous useful platforms offer a variety of used cars available for purchase, at prices below 12,000 AED.

·      For instance, YallaMotor, a well-known online marketplace, provides a wide selection of used cars, including those within that specific budget. YallaMotor's user-friendly interface and advanced search filters allow buyers to effortlessly explore different options and discover a suitable car that matches their needs.

·      CarSwitch is another similarly well-regarded platform that offers a carefully chosen assortment of pre-inspected, certified, and warrantied used vehicles. Emphasizing transparency and customer contentment, CarSwitch seeks to streamline the process of purchasing a car; presenting a variety of vehicles available for even less than 12,000 AED to accommodate cost-conscious buyers.

·      Additionally, Hatla2ee is a renowned classifieds website that functions as an extensive marketplace for used cars in the UAE. It showcases a broad range of advertisements from both dealers and private sellers, providing buyers with access to a varied selection of affordable used cars in Dubai priced below 12,000 AED.

These platforms prioritize the quality and dependability of the vehicles listed, aiming to offer buyers a hassle-free purchasing experience; while also ensuring convenience and accessibility. By using the resources and tools offered by these platforms, individuals can explore different options and make informed decisions when purchasing a used car in the UAE.

Certain car models that could be available within this price range include:

·      The Ford Mustang Coupe

·      Honda HR-V

·      Nissan Sunny

·      Chevrolet Aveo

·      Nissan Sunny Classic EX Saloon

·      Nissan Maxima

·      Mercedes-Benz B Class

·      Mitsubishi Pajero

·      Toyota Corolla

·      Mazda 6

·      Toyota Camry

·      Hyundai Getz

·      Nissan Altima and more.

So, Are 2nd hand Cars Worth It?

Secondhand cars are worth it for several reasons.

·      They are a smart choice because of their cost-effectiveness, frequently being available at a lower price than new vehicles.

·      Furthermore, they grant buyers the opportunity to acquire higher-end models or additional features that might have been unattainable when buying new. This also allows buyers to receive greater value for their money.

·      Secondly, used cars are less affected by depreciation, as they have already undergone the most significant decrease in value.

·      Additionally, the secondhand market offers a broad range of models and brands, giving buyers a variety of choices to match their preferences and financial considerations.

·      Ultimately, numerous used cars come with a detailed service record, offering peace of mind regarding the vehicle's maintenance and care.

Through diligent investigation and examination, buyers can discover the well-maintained, cheapest car in Dubai; used cars that deliver dependable performance, rendering them a valuable investment.

List of Top 10 Cheapest used Cars in Dubai

Looking for an affordable used car in Dubai can be an exciting pursuit, particularly given the wide array of choices in the market. Whether you're a local or a tourist, securing a trustworthy and budget-friendly vehicle is a priority for many. In the following list, we will explore a selection of the top 10 cheapest used cars in Dubai, offering valuable perspectives on models that offer great value while maintaining high quality.

1. Toyota

The Toyota Prado, Toyota RAV4 and the Toyota Land Cruiser stand out as highly sought-after used car models in the Dubai market, as well part of the low budget cars in Dubai. Additionally, Toyota holds a reputable position in the UAE, with its used vehicles being widely accessible, known for their reliability and value.

2. Nissan

Nissan cars are well-matched to the driving environment in Dubai, offering fuel-efficient and hybrid options. The Nissan Sunny, recognized amongst affordable cars in Dubai, is particularly noted for its cost-effectiveness; making it one of the best choices for car enthusiasts and one of the cheapest cars in the UAE. It represents a combination of comfort, space, and efficiency at a compelling price.

The price of a brand-new Nissan spans from 50,000 AED to 200,000 AED, whereas a used Nissan can be acquired for as little as 20,000 AED. This makes them a great choice for those seeking the cheapest used car in Dubai.

3. Hyundai

Hyundai vehicles are considered some of the lowest price cars in Dubai thanks to their availability, resulting in competitive pricing and attractive discounts. Moreover, the excess of abandoned vehicles has spurred the automotive industry to reduce car prices, positioning Hyundai as a smart option for cost-conscious buyers in Dubai.

4. Kia

Kias are described as an appealing choice for individuals with limited budgets, providing quality, convenience, and reliability at a significantly lower cost compared to similar vehicles. The Kia Rio, specifically, is regarded as a, exceptionally low price car in Dubai.

5. Ford

Fords are frequently considered some of the cheapest used cars in Dubai; largely due to their significant initial depreciation, with prices ranging from 9,000 AED to 1,600,000 AED. The Ford Figo is particularly recognized for its economical maintenance costs and fuel efficiency. Ford's emphasis on fuel efficiency and the cost-effectiveness of maintenance make the Figo an attractive option for car owners in the UAE looking for low budget cars in Dubai.

6. Chevrolet

Chevrolet, especially the Chevrolet Aveo, is recognized as one of the top affordable, cheapest cars in Dubai. It is praised for its cost-effectiveness and feature-rich attributes, rendering it an appealing choice for buyers mindful of their budget.

7. Volkswagen

Buyers in Dubai have access to a broad range of used Volkswagen vehicles. Priced from 15,000 AED to 235,900 AED, they offer diverse options to suit their budget and preferences. Additionally, the Volkswagen Certified Used Cars Program ensures an exceptional buying experience comparable to purchasing a new car; ensuring complete peace of mind for buyers for the lowest price car in Dubai.

8. BMW

With such a varied range of used BMW vehicles, priced from 14,000 AED to 850,000 AED, Dubai offers unbelievable diverse options to match any budget and preferences. Furthermore, the availability of different BMW models to cater to various needs and preferences adds to the chance of finding the cheapest car in Dubai.

9. Mercedes

Mercedes offers outstanding prices of only 10,000 AED, providing buyers with diverse options in low price car sales in Dubai. Additionally, the connection of Mercedes with luxury and sophistication adds to their allure, enhancing their availability in Dubai's used car market.

10. Mazda

Mazda provides a wide array of choices to suit buyers' budgets and preferences with vehicles priced between 43,000 AED and 126,000 AED. Moreover, they present a variety of affordable cars in Dubai; establishing itself as one of the top options in the UAE. The inclusion of innovative technology, stylish designs, impressive performance, and fuel efficiency further enhances their attractiveness in Dubai's used car market.


In conclusion, The City of Gold is distinguished as the leading choice for acquiring reasonably priced yet high-quality vehicles; thanks to its diverse secondhand car market providing an extensive range of well-kept cars.

The rigorous vehicle regulations and inspection standards in Dubai guarantee that buyers can find reliable cars at competitive prices, positioning it as a top destination for cost-conscious consumers in search of the cheapest, highest quality car in Dubai.

The city's renown for luxury and extravagance carries over to its automotive market, blending affordability with top quality and establishing it as the perfect location to find the lowest-cost deals on used vehicles.

When searching for the cheapest car in Dubai, it's crucial to take into account elements such as the car's condition, its attributes, and the benefits it provides. Engaging in comprehensive research and exploring different choices will aid in locating your dream car within your budget.


Which is the cheapest car in Dubai, UAE?

The Chevrolet Aveo is recognized as the top cheapest car in Dubai. It is known for its budget-friendly nature and competitive pricing in the area. Furthermore, the Renault Symbol is also acknowledged as one of the finest affordable cars in the UAE; delivering exceptional performance with fuel efficiency at an accessible price.

Which car is best to buy low price in Dubai?

Several cars are regarded as the finest and most economical options in the UAE. Among the leading selections for low-priced cars in Dubai is the Mitsubishi Lancer EX 2.0; offering a comfortable and reliable option for buyers on a budget.

Additionally, there are the Nissan Sunny, the Chevrolet Aveo and the Kia Rio.

These vehicles are recognized for their affordability, reliability, and value; rendering them popular choices for people in search for low-priced options in Dubai, UAE.

Which are the best cheap used cars in Dubai?

Among the top affordable used cars in Dubai is the Kia Seltos, a highly sought-after car model in the Dubai market. Kia vehicles are renowned for delivering quality, comfort, and dependability at a significantly reduced cost compared to similar vehicles.

Other brands and models that are recognized as popular choices for those seeking the cheapest car in Dubai, UAE, are Nissan, Toyota and Chevrolet.

Which car has the lowest maintenance cost?

The Ford Figo is notably known for its cost-effective maintenance expenses and fuel efficiency. Similarly, the Mitsubishi Lancer is highlighted as a dependable and affordable vehicle to maintain.

Moreover, the Nissan Sunny is acknowledged for its minimal long-term operational expenses. It is praised for its fuel efficiency and impressive onboard technology; and is regarded as one of the finest vehicles in the UAE when it comes to maintenance costs.

However, most notably, Japanese-made brands like Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and Mitsubishi, are emphasized for having the most affordable maintenance expenses in the UAE. The accessibility of spare parts and skilled technicians further contributes to the affordability of maintaining these automobiles.

Which country has the cheapest cars?

Australia is recognized as the cheapest country for car ownership, with the investment amounting to just 49.48% of the yearly income.

The United States holds the second position as the cheapest country for car ownership, with expenses of 54.87% of the yearly income. Meanwhile, Denmark takes the third spot with 60.34%. In contrast, Turkey is positioned as the most expensive country for car ownership, with costs reaching a remarkable 652.29% of the annual salary.

These assessments are derived from a study that factored in the prices of popular new cars, maintenance expenses, insurance premiums, and fuel costs, and then compared them against the average national income.

Where to buy the cheapest cars in Dubai?

Several avenues exist for locating some of the most economical cars in Dubai, UAE.

Dubi Cars stands as the most reliable platform in the UAE for purchasing and selling used cars; providing a wide selection available for purchase in Dubai, with prices starting from as little as 4,000 AED.

Additionally, CarSwitch offers an extensive list of new cars for under 35,000 AED, making it easier to find an economical car in good condition. They also provide a comprehensive inventory of certified, inspected, and warrantied used cars for incredibly affordable prices.

Not to mention, there are more than 350 reputable dealerships in the UAE presenting a diverse selection of both new and used cars for purchase; encompassing well-known brands like Chevrolet, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi, and others. This ensures a range of choices to accommodate various budgets.

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